Advance Organization Chart Add-In



Advance Organization Chart Add-In is a tool for creating organization chart in Excel. This version is requested by the user to add the features of customizing the font name, size, color in the name, title fields and the node.


  1. Customizable font name, color, size, style in the name and title field.
  2. A check box for enabling/disabling the Collapse of the nodes when double clicking the node.
  3. Customizable color and size for the nodes.
  4. Interactive chart allows the user see the chart update while entering the data.
  5. 36 preset colors can be used to set the foreground and background colors for the name, title and the node.
  6. 8 font families can be selected for the name the and title.


  1. Download this add-in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.
  2. Click Insert sample data button to insert sample data.
  3. In the setting window, select font color, name, size, style for the name and title fields.
  4. In the setting window, select the node color and size.
  5. The user can paste own data in the same format into the sheet to replace the existing sample data or create own table in the same sheet. The first column is name, the second column is manger, the third column is the title or department name.
  6. The chart is binding to the table. You can see the chart update along with the data entered.
  7. If the user have multiple tables in the sheet, you can click the tool icon to go to the setting screen and click Bind to existing data button and select the table.
  8. The user can give a title to the chart by clicking in the title area and enter the name as preferred.