Bubble Data Chart Excel Add-In



Bubble Heat Chart Excel add-in is a tool to visualize up to 4 data series by using axis X, Y, bubble color and size.

There are 2 types of bubble chart in this add-in:

There are 3 sample data in this add-in to show the usages of the bubble chart:

The data are in 5 columns in the following order:



  1. Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.
  2. Select a sample data in the settings screen.
  3. Click Insert Sample Data button to insert the sample data and view the chart.
  4. Delete the data in the sheet and repeat step 2, 3 to view different type of chart.
  5. PPaste own data into the sample data table and click binding the existing table button to draw the chart
  6. Change colors in Settings screen as needed.
  7. Click in the title area in chart to enter desired title.

Version Release Notes:

New features:

  1. Merge the ChartType and Sample Data setting to simplify the settings.
  2. Add Video Tutorial.