US County Data Map Add-In




US County Data Map Add-In is a tool to visualize the US county data into color heat-map. 

In the region drop-down, select the three supported regions in the map:

There are 3 zoom scales in the setting window. In the custom option, please enter a preferred setting between 700 to 10700.

In the map window, when checking the zoom checkbox, the map is redrawn in the selected scale.

Using map region dropdown to switch region and click "Binding to Existing data" button when there is data in the sheet.


The map takes times to render, there is visible delay for each action. Please wait a moment for each action. Especially when checking/unchecking the Zoom In check box in the main map page.


  1. Download this add-in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.
  2. Click Insert Sample Data image button on the top bar.
  3. The users can paste their own data in the same format into the sheet to replace the existing sample data or create r own table in the same sheet.
  4. The map is binding to the table. So as soon as the data is entered, the map is updated.
  5. The user can update the data in any cell and click enter. The map is refreshed as soon as the new data is entered.
  6. If the user has multiple tables in the sheet, the user can click the tool icon to go to the setting screen. And select the table, then click Bind to existing data button.
  7. The user can rename the map title by clicking in the title area and reenter the name as preferred.

Version Release Notes:

  1. Add zoom scale setting in the setting window
  2. Add link in the setting window for supported county name and code lookup.